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Kelly Atalick
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Kelly Atalick stands as an esteemed, award-winning Realtor having dedicated over 25 years to delivering personalized real estate services throughout St. Catharines and the entire Niagara Region. Her journey began as the first licensed assistant to Jerry Hendriks, marking the genesis of a truly remarkable career. As she evolved in her profession, Kelly's expertise expanded to encompass a diverse array of properties including residential, multi-family, commercial, hotel and condominiums - showcasing her adaptibility and depth of knowledge.

Collaborating seamlessly with her husband, Nick Atalick, a seasoned commercial consultant, the power couple synergistically combined their wealth of expertise, offering clients comprehensive insights into the realms of development, building and construction. This approach contributed to their remarkable success and impact on our local real estate landscape.

Kelly's legacy is imprinted on the countless clients who have benifitted from her unwavering commitment to them. Her extensive market knowledge and professional yet fun approach ensured that each client received not only personalized attention but also an overall great real estate experience. Her career is a testament to a tireless drive to excellence and a genuine passion for the industry and the people that she has served.

Kelly now divides her time between her "home away from home" in Mexico and her time in Niagara. A very well earned lifestyle that we love to see her enjoy! But not to worry, if you are still looking for Kelly's help - you've got it - with the direction and asistance of Kelly along with Jerry and all of our supportive team members who are here to help you! Reach out to Kelly and our team anytime!