Housing Crisis and Rising Prices in Niagara | Podcast with Niels Rasmussen

Podcast with Niels Rasmussen - Housing Crisis and Rising PricesTHE HENDRIKS EXPERIENCE PODCAST | Housing Crisis and Rising Prices with Niels Rasmussen

Welcome back to THE HENDRIKS EXPERIENCE PODCAST! In Episode 8, we are thrilled to have veteran realtor Neils Rasmussen joining us. With 13 years in the real estate industry and the past three years spent with the Hendrick team, Neils brings a wealth of experience and insight into the evolving demographics and real estate landscape of the Niagara region.

Growing Up in Niagara Falls

Neils Rasmussen was born and raised in Niagara Falls, a city that has seen tremendous growth over the years. Although Neils moved to Dundas at the age of 13, his roots in Niagara have always remained strong. We delve into his early years, the reasons behind his family's move, and the eventual return to the Niagara region.

A Journey Through Real Estate

Neils' real estate journey began in earnest after moving back to Niagara Falls. His career path took him through various cities, including Dundas and Burlington, before settling in the Village of Vineland. Neils shares his experiences working in an engineering firm, meeting his wife, and the transition into real estate.

Changes in Demographics and Real Estate Trends

The Niagara region has undergone significant demographic changes over the decades. We discuss the impact of immigration, the influx of people from the GTA, and how these changes have shaped the local real estate market. The conversation also touches on the challenges and opportunities presented by these shifts.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Niagara Real Estate

COVID-19 was a game-changer for real estate, especially in the Niagara region. With more people working from home, the demand for properties in Niagara soared. Neils and I explore how the pandemic affected the market, the surge in home values, and the subsequent balancing of the market.

Navigating the Current Real Estate Market in Niagara

Despite the challenges posed by higher interest rates and limited housing supply, Neils believes it's a great time for buyers. He shares insights on navigating the current market, the importance of qualifying for mortgages, and the strategies buyers can use to make informed decisions.

The Future of Niagara's Real Estate

Looking ahead, Neils and I discuss the future of Niagara's real estate market. With its beautiful landscapes and quality of life, Niagara remains a highly desirable place to live. We emphasize the importance of balancing immigration with housing availability and the need for continuous adaptation to changing market conditions.

Thank you for joining us on this insightful journey through the Niagara region's real estate landscape. Stay tuned for more episodes of THE HENDRIKS EXPERIENCE PODCAST, where we bring you the latest trends and expert insights from the world of real estate.

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